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Financial Management

You recently graduated AIU and have been hired by the company chosen in your discussion. Your first task is to take a thorough view of the company’s existing operations and begin the formation of a business plan. For the Capstone Project Unit 1 Executive Summary and...

Foundations of Financial Management

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a Dutch Auction to a traditional underwriting method for an IPO.Identify one real-life IPO that occurred in 2020. Try to select a company that a fellow student has not already selected.For this one IPO, determine the...

Foundations of Financial Management

Risk Management and a Review of the Financial CrisisCorporate GovernanceGoals of Financial ManagementIn addition, read the articles listed here: What is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform ActLinks to an external site.What the Dodd-Frank Act Did (and How It’s...
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