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The God of Promise and the Life of Faith

  Chapter One: Why Do We Exist? The Image and the Kingdom of God What does it mean that humans are created in God’s image? Nature or Function? What is the position of “man” in relation to God and the rest of creation? What is God’s kingdom? Realm or relationship? The...

Studying Members of the Church of Satan

Before you begin this assignment please go to: https://www.churchofsatan.com/ Imagine you have been hired to conduct field (qualitative) research on the topic of the Church of Satan. Please answer all of the discussion questions: First discuss the beliefs of the...

Pastoral Counseling

  1. Pastoral Counseling is: 2. The term dysfunctional means: 3. People with a self-righteous conscience are: 4. How does Pastoral Counseling merge Theology and Psychology? 5. How can CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) help Pastoral Counseling?  ...
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