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  1. Provide at least two Examples of Each Cloud Computing Types (IaaS, Paas, Saas)
  2. Describe the MFA within Amazon, and explain the main benefits of MFA implementation.
  3. Adam is moving his network’s backup DHCP server to a VM running Ubuntu Server. The VM will provide a couple of other network services as well, including DNS. Suggest a networking mode that Adam should assign to the Ubuntu VM, Explain why
  4. What is OpenID in Cloud Computing? Why it is popular and widely used nowadays?
  5. For a small start-up company, Which cloud storage design provides shared storage across a network and works well in a virtualized environment without challenging the financial resources? Explain
  6. Dominique and her team are ready to deploy updates to a core business application running in their organization’s cloud. They’ve spun up a second, identical environment to their production environment, applied the updates, and completed testing. Because of the nature of the updates, however, the team has decided there’s a moderate risk of problems during the deployment even after all the prep work they’ve done. Dominique has asked for suggestions on how to minimize the impact of these anticipated issues should they occur. Design an explain a strategy that would ensure the deployment goes smoothly with minimal impact on users while giving Dominique’s team the time and opportunity they need to resolve issues that might arise
  7. Mateo is troubleshooting a recurring issue with one of his applications running on a private cloud in his company’s on-prem network. It seems the OS patches are not being applied properly, with frequent errors showing the VM is not in compliance with his patch management policies. Mateo is looking for indications of other patches that need to be applied in order to fix this problem. Which component most likely needs to be updated?
  8. Read the Attached portion of the Research Article below, then write your own Analysis/Reflection about it, which issue does the article discusses, how it can be resolved?

“Storage of data on cloud is a service where data is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up. The service is available to users over a network, which is usually the internet. Instead of storing the data on your computer’s hard drive or other local storage device, it allows the user to store data online so that the user can access them from any location via the internet. The cloud provider company makes them available to the user online by keeping the uploaded files on an external server. The internet provides the connection between your computer and the database. Cloud storage reduces hardware and software demands on the user’s side, This gives companies using cloud storage services ease and convenience, but can potentially be costly. Users should also be aware that backing up their data is still required when using cloud storage services, because recovering data from cloud storage is much slower than local backup whereby you save it to a remote database. Accessing and storing data on cloud storage has several challenges and security risks, thereby making the cloud information inconsistent and unreliable. Thus the need for improvement and another approach/dimension into computing arises. This paper identifies Data de-duplication as a solution to the challenges faced by users and providers in cloud storage, some good features and benefits are discussed as boosters for efficient cloud storage.”

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