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Reflect on the three cognitive traps that make it difficult to think about happiness. Which one of the three cognitive traps can you identify with most and why?
Describe the “two selves” and the characteristics. How is confusion between the two selves part of the “mess about happiness?” Share an example of a time when you can relate to this confusion.
What is meant by the idea that a bad memory ruins the memory of the experience but not the experience itself? Share an example.
Think of a situation in your own life that had a bad ending that dominated your lasting impression, despite a mostly neutral or positive experience.
Describe the situation and how you might change the ending to make the lasting impressions more positive.
How is it that we make decisions based on memories of experiences but not based on the experiences themselves and that we think of the future as anticipated memories?
How are happiness of the experiencing self and satisfaction of the remembering self really different?

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