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Analyze professional communication in a team scenario, Keep in mind the concepts of effective communication in teams as you review the scenario. scenario in attached pictures

Evaluate three issues faced in the panel discussion presented in the scenario. Discuss effective and ineffective characteristics of team behaviors in the observed scenario. How effectively did this team work together?

What three suggestions do you have for the team to engage in professionalism?

In the observed situation, who do you feel should take leadership? Why? What are the benefits of having leadership on a team?

What are the concerns of having leadership on a team? In this situation, what would you do to lead the team?

What three strategies do you have for productivity when working in teams?

End with a conclusion

Beginning of scenario….
Imagine You is a non-profit
organization designed to
help provide unemployed
individuals with job
readiness programs for re-
entering the workforce or
for individuals searching
for a new career. The
organization offers resume
writing workshops,
computer skills training,
networking opportunities,
and interviewing tips.

You are the CEO of Imagine
You. You are currently
meeting with three
company volunteers to
brainstorm ideas for the
annual fundraiser
campaign. Your role is to
gather information and
observe the professional
conduct of each team
member. Each member has
a different level of

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