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Information Literacy and Communication

• Information Literacy and Communication – Utilize appropriate current technology and resources to locate and evaluate information needed to accomplish a goal, and then communicate findings in visual, written and/or oral formats. ScenarioThe process of...

Strategic Communication

What is Strategic Communication?Strategic communication involves distributing a message to a target audience in order to achieve a particular outcome.In our readings and discussion in this module, we will consider how a strategic approach can be beneficial to PR...

Communication strategies

Communication strategies are used in every type of business transaction. From ordering a cup of coffee at the drive-through, to closing a multi-million deal, someone uses their influencing skills to make a sale. Think about the job duties and responsibilities you have...

Nonverbal Exercises

Nonverbal Exercises: Try one or two of the exercises and explain what you learned. After you have summarized your experience with these exercises, explain a situation when non-verbal communication has created problems in your own life.
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