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The nonverbal communication

you to select a television show from the internet (youtube.com, abc.com, nbc.com, cbs.com, or any free tv streaming network) and asses the nonverbal communication. Please make sure that when you select your show it won’t expire within the next 10 days. Watch the...

The forms of mass communication

  Make a list of the forms of mass communication you use most often. Include newspapers, magazines, television programs, types of films, radio stations, and so forth. How do your choices of mass communication reflect and shape your identity and your social...

Communication in organizations

    Chapter 12 discussed communication in organizations. For this forum I would like for you to describe an organization that you are involved in (or were involved in) and its’ culture. Be sure to tell us what the organization was, any vocabulary used, stories,...

The segment from The Office

  Watch the segment from The Office and discuss diversity day. How was the segment culturally insensitive? What do we know about stereo types and how they are perpetuated? Identify ways that you do and do no fit generalizations for communication by members of your sex...

12 Angry Men

  After watching 12 Angry Men pick 4 key concepts to discuss the group/team communication within the movie. Key Concepts: • Leadership • Power • Social climbing • Team  
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