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Quite a variety of operating systems are used in everyday devices and computer systems. The purpose of this assignment is for you to identify the operating systems that are used specifically for each device in order for that device to run efficiently. OS X is specifically designed for an Apple device only. However, Apple desktops have the ability to partition the hard drive, which allows the user to install a flavor of your favorite Windows OS on an Apple machine. This is called Boot Camp, which is a multiboot utility included with Apple systems.
Assignment Instructions:
Research on the Internet to determine at least six criteria upon which you will base a comparison of operating systems (examples might be reliability, speed, security). Create a table that lists your criteria as the rows of the table and lists the operating systems as the columns of the table. Operating systems should include Windows, iOS, Android®, OS X, Linux, and Unix. Enter in-depth information on each of the criteria for each operating system. Once your table is complete, write 1–2 paragraphs describing what you feel is the best use for each operating system, and justify what you state based on the facts presented in your table.



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