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Write a paper of 1500-3000 words, using the APA style and format and relying on at least 3 sources:
Interview a local pastor [or conduct research] about the behind the scenes administration of a local church. The results of the interview/research should include the leadership structure of the church; its organizational structure; an identification of the functions performed and who performs them; the human resource practices; the culture of the church office; and the church’s approach to raising revenue.
In your paper 1) capture the results of your interview/research, and 2) using the books, Apostolic Church Arising, and Apostolic Governance, develop a step-by-step guide that will help a pastor transition the management of a local church from a pastoral model to an apostolic model.
Please explain why each step is important. Identify any potential obstacles to this transition and how those obstacles can be overcome.

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