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You are a Consulting Recruiter with XYZ Recruitment, Inc. You have been contacted by “State University” to conduct a search to fill a critical position (management level).

For this assignment, create a PowerPoint slide presentation for State University that explains, at a minimum, the recruitment strategy, process, and procedures that make XYZ Inc. Recruitment Agency the right choice for this assignment. Your presentation must be comprehensive, including the role of the recruitment agency and the role of the HR team at State University in the recruitment and selection process.

Review the article below for examples of information you may wish to include in your presentation:

Maurer, R. (2015). Assessing Your Recruiting Function for Compliance and Best Practices. https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/talent-acquisition/pages/lori-kleiman-2015-talent-management-conference.aspx?_ga=2.48272546.569036889.1595205773-1116524278.1594085330

Depth and applicability of the research that you conduct.
Effectiveness of the recruiting presentation and proposal as a consulting tool.

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