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our task is to design a new STEGH that takes into account the critiques of development, global health, and medical education (for example: Melby et al, Farmer and Furin, Pai, Opara, etc. ). Your proposal should take into account human rights, including the right to science and also address concerns over neocolonialism in global health.
Remember, this is a proposal. You are designing a program and have to make the case for why it should be funded. Your audience would be a funder such as the Gates Foundation or other major donor. Your proposal should highlight the problem your program will address, make the case for why this problem and place are good choices, and describe in detail how the exchange will happen—not just the on the ground part, but also the preparation and any follow-up activities. Think carefully about who will participate and why, what happens in between exchange visits, the role of local people in it, etc. No one should start writing until they have reread the Melby et al article where they discuss ways of making STEGHs better. Show me that you understand the critiques of STEGHs and neocolonialism in global health. Pick a location (it must be outside of the USA) and a health issue that you are interested in.

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