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Jesus had a plan to make disciples. We must follow His plan to help people come to know Him, grow in their relationship with Him and ultimately follow Him into His mission. This plan is a culmination of your work so far and follow 5 P’s… Passages/ Principles/ Philosophy/ Practices and Proof.
You will create a 10 page minimum, detailed explanation of your personal plan to develop disciples for Jesus Christ within a ministry context. To develop your plan, thoroughly cover the 5 P’s of ministry:
1. Passages—What are the main discipleship passages that guide your ministry? Who are you focusing on? What regions, demographics, groups, ages, etc., are you to aiming to reach and disciple?
2. Principles—What are your core values in ministry? What passages and principles are you basing your plan upon? How do these passages apply? Try to simplify to 3 statements.
3. Philosophy—What are your most important ministry perspectives? What are your definitions for key terms within your ministry? Example terms include:
a. Church,
b. Pastor,
c. Saints,
d. Gospel,
e. Evangelism,
f. Disciple/Discipleship, and
g. Leader/Leadership.
4. Practices—What are the methods by which you will drive the discipleship process? How will you practically implement your plan? What church structure and systems will accomplish your vision? Be sure to cover the following items:
a. Church/organization structure,
b. Small group philosophy (With/Of/Is),
c. Calendar and events,
d. Budget personnel,
e. Curriculum,
f. Slogans, and
g. Communication plans.
5. Proof—What factors will you track to measure the success of your plan? What empirical evidence will you use to show the progress of your plan? How will you use these statistics and measures to further refine your Disciple-Making Plan? Example measures include:
a. Ratios and numbers measuring the health of the disciple, leader, group and
b. Other measures of ministry success.



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