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Begin to tie the body systems studied thus far together. Moreover, we will see the effects of disease on the systems studied and thoughtfully consider how science equips humans to participate in God’s redemptive work.

Research a disease process of your choice. Choose a disease process that involves at least three organ systems — the effect of the disease on these systems must be detailed in the initial discussion board post.

Choose your disease early — no more than 2 students may cover the same disease! You can “claim” your disease as early as the first week by starting a thread that only has a subject heading for your disease. Then post your thread that includes the following outlined items as a reply to your own subject heading. If two of your classmates have already posted the subject heading for a certain disease, such as Diabetes Mellitus, you will need to choose a different disease process.

You are required to the following outline as a guide:

Indicate the disease to be discussed.
Describe disease process, including common symptoms and the effect on three organ systems.
Discuss treatment and management of the disease.
Describe how science equips humans to participate in God’s redemptive work.

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