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Pick one of the youtube videos below or attend a live performance. If you prefer something different, it must be approved by me before you complete your review.
Examples of events that count:
Other band, orchestra, jazz or choir concerts at NCCU.
Choir concerts (ex, other college choir concerts)
Opera performances
Band Performances (ex: High School Concert Band)
Orchestra performances (ex. North Carolina Symphony, etc.)
Jazz concert – Symphony Center, NCCU, Jazz Concert, (hearing your buddies play at a local restaurant does not count)
Musicals do count
The band, orchestra and choir performances of other high schools in the area

Examples of events that do not count:
Collage and other talent shows
Dance recitals (ex. Fashion Show)
Anything that you are already performing in even if only for a small part
Performances that are part of another function, (i.e. a performance during a church service)

  1. One performance per semester is required.
  2. Write an evaluative essay that includes the following information:
    a. Date, time, and location of the performance.
    b. Who/what did you see?
    c. What kind of music was performed?
    d. Did the venue enhance or detract from the performance? Why?
    e. Discuss the stage presence of the performers.
    f. Discuss the musicality of the performance. (Be specific)
    g. What is your overall impression of the performance?
    h. What did you like or dislike about the music?
    i. Would you go again?
    The majority of your paper should focus on the musicality of the performance—be specific about the pieces, style, phrasing, intonation, etc.
  3. Use appropriate, college level writing. The report must be at least 1 page, typed, 12 point font, Times/Times New Roman font, 1” margins on all sides
  4. Submit your work on SaKai to this assignment page! (Copy and Paste it to assignments page in the space provided)
  5. The Live Performance must take place during the semester in which you are writing the critique.
  6. Critiques will be due before the last day of class. (Dec. 13, 2022)
    Possible Videos:
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Count Basie
    Duke Ellington

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