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How will you complete the following:
Planning, implementation, and growth of the AWS cloud infrastructure
Build, release, and manage the configuration of all production systems
Manage a continuous integration and deployment methodology for server-based technologies
Work alongside architecture and engineering teams to design and implement any scalable software services
Ensure necessary system security by using best in class cloud security solutions
Stay current with new technology options and vendor products, evaluating which ones would be a good fit for the company
Implement continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines when necessary
Recommend process and architecture improvements
Troubleshoot the system and solve problems across all platform and application domains
Oversee pre-production acceptance testing to ensure the high quality of a company’s services and products.
Please use APA format in implementing academic reference in how to improve AWS Cloud.
Locate the open-source lab (Snowflake, AW) make a screenshot, and be used a figure 1. Write the report in answering the issues listed above.

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