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Select one of these: CCHS/ St. Francis/ Beebe Hospital
Select one of these: John Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, CHOP, New York- Sloan Kettering or Columbia Hospital
Compare and Contrast facilities
What service stands out for each facility?
What stands out as the SPECIALTY Care of each facility?
Compare ER’s Status ( What level Service offered?)
NICU ( Level of Service ?)
Other services. Orthopedics/ Cardiac/ Neurology/ Pediatrics
Tertiary Care: Highly Specialized medical care usually over an extended period of time that involves advanced and complex procedures and treatments.
For instance, in Alexandria Virginia, Inova Fairfax Hospital is renowned for high survival rates of heart transplants. ( Pre/Post Care)
Application of information researched:


If you were sick with cancer, heart failure, lung transplant, pediatric orthopedic issue, cornea transplant? Where would you go for care?
Example: Patient with End Stage Renal Failure
Facility: CCHS
Specialty: Kidney Transplant
Example: Head and Neck Cancer
Facility: John Hopkins
Specialty: Head and Neck Cancer Department

Describe a medical condition and select the facility which would meet the needs of the patient to successfully provide medical care.

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