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The purpose of this assignment is to identify health objectives from Healthy People 2030 that will impact health outcomes through population-level health assessment and intervention. This assignment will allow for a discovery into a selected practice problem, encompassing social determinant risk factors, an evidence-based population health intervention, and relevant measurable goals and objectives. For this assignment, each group will:

• Provide a brief statement introducing the selected practice problem. • Identify three social determinant risk factors for the selected practice problem.

• Based on the health risk/problem identified, describe the strategies/methods that you will implement. Focus on primary and secondary prevention strategies. Refer to Healthy People 2030 Topics and Objectives. You may access the website at: https://www.healthypeople.gov. • Describe a related Healthy People 2030 Goal and how it correlates with the selected practice problem. • Describe one evidence-based intervention to address the Healthy People 2030 goal.

• Define one measurable objective to address the Healthy People 2030 goal.

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