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Dear former Jurassic Park, Inc. Employee,

Thank you for your commitment to our company. Dr. Wasabi would like to express his appreciation for your reports and presentations. However, he sincerely regrets that due to litigation involving some property damage in Tokyo and San Diego, Gojira, Inc. will not be increasing its workforce in the foreseeable future. We have hired Onward! and Upward! Cosultants to assist former Jurassic Park Inc. employees with their transition to future endeavors. Please bring a completed resume and application letter to a meeting in Parker Building 103 on Wednesday 22 April, so we can work on helping you to find the position that best suits your unique talents and experience. Don’t forget to include your Jurassic Park experience in your resume, keeping in mind the nondisclosure agreement you signed when you joined the company!

With all best wishes for a promising future!

K. Sayonara

Human Resource Professional
Gojira Inc.

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