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The commodity chain analysis paper considers the impact of the commodity in various ways. The paper should outline the commodity chain for a product as specifically as possible (try to identify particular commodities and not the generic commodity if possible). The paper should also consider, analytically, the consequences of production or consumption on cultural, economic or political globalization. The paper should be organized in sections, with a one to two page section for each of the categories below:
(a) detailed presentation of the commodity chain;
(b) labor conditions under which the commodity is produced;
(c) environmental consequences of the production process;
(d) effects of the production process on people (health, status, etc) in relevant regions;
(e) health effects associated with the consumption of the product;
Your paper should be at least 8 – 10 pages, typed and double-spaced. It should be written in APA style; including a Cover Page, Abstract, 8-10 pages of text, and a works cited page. Final term papers are due on the final day of class (see schedule).

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