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Develop the Financial Plan of your proposed solution.
Because this is a course in a MBA Capstone Research Project, we must always analyze the financial aspect of any strategic decision. Therefore your analysis
is expected to be quantitative as well as qualitative.
The cases discussed throughout the MBA curriculum can give you some good ideas of what kind of information to include in your Research Project.
Additionally, use the textbook for MGT516, Strategic Management as guide (especially Chapter 12.A Resources for Case Research and 12.B Case Study
Analysis Methodology using the Strategic Audit).
Finally, your recommendations as a consultant should have included only few of the 54 (or less) Strategic Segmented SBAs.
As a consultant you should be thinking of an entrepreneurial venture that involves those SBAs and can be started with a capital investment not exceeding $1
million USD (If more capital is needed, please indicate it in your paper).
Therefore, you will submit the financial plan of your proposed solution (SBAs with more Future Prospects and Future Competitive Position Potential) using
Financial pro-formas. For example: income statement with assumptions detailed, start-up costs for the first six months of operation – inventory, rent, etc. Or, a
Case Study Analysis Methodology using the Strategic Audit.

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