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In the Correctional Institutions, there is potential for abuse to be prevalent either from
the inmate to the correctional officers or vice versa. In some cases, relationships
maybe genuine and legitimate, considering the amount of time inmates and officers are
together. Research an article on misconduct in the correctional system as described
and analyze the ethical dilemma.
• Locate an article of correctional officer misconduct involving sexual abuse.
• Describe the misconduct.
• Determine if the relationship was one of “consent” or one of an “abuse of power”.
• What are the ramifications of this incident?
• What would be the ramifications of this incident if it was not in a “correctional”
environment, but took place in the private sector?
• Keep in mind that the misconduct could have been initiated by the victim (inmate)
in order to gain favor from the Correctional Officer. Suggest how this could have
been prevented.

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