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Select a firm from anywhere in the world and to interpret the possible impact of the following factors on the success of the organization from an organizational citizenship standpoint.
Enhancing productivity and innovation through teamwork
Some tips: Group work is how teams in an organization form and how they work together to achieve successful outcomes for the organization. This may be despite differences of opinion and with the differences and diversity that come with teamwork.
This assessment examines the impact of group work on the organisation.
Group work is affected by group dynamic within the team and how members of the team assume different roles and the impact that the group dynamic has on the values of the team (including team ethics).
Group dynamic includes how the team interacts and how it deals with challenges. More positive team dynamics often lead to better organizational outcomes.
Some advice on how to write your report:
To attempt this assessment, it is proposed that you consider the following possible headings:
Executive summary
Background to the organisation
How the organisation can increase the effectiveness of group work
The desired group dynamic within the organisation that can help it achieve better organisational outcomes
Theoretical explanation of your proposed solution to achieve better team in the organisation for better goal satisfaction

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