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Write the assignment as if you interviewed a person with a physical health condition and are speaking about them personally (students should NOT interview a person with a terminal illness, nor someone with a cognitive condition/concern (eg: Alzheimer’s).The primary concern must be a physical health condition.)

In 2 pages,
Students should write comprehensive responses to each of the following questions:
What is the physical health condition the interviewee is living with? How did the person identify the condition as impacting there:
Psychological wellbeing?
Social well-being?
Spiritual well-being?
What did they identify as most helpful in managing their condition?
What were you surprised to hear/learn about, and why?
With the bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework in mind, what might you prioritize if developing a care plan for this person?

PART C: Possible Referrals .5 page

Based on the responses to Part B, identify two organizations that you might refer the interviewee to. Include the reasoning behind the referrals, and how the referrals are aligned with the identified needs/interests/goals of the interviewee. Include the agency/program website URL in your response.



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