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Compare Seumas Millers “Is Torture Ever Morally Justifiable?” And Davis Sussman’s “What’s Wrong with Torture?”
Do Miller and Sussman agree on the definition of torture to a great enough extent that they are talking about the same thing? (This is the sort of question that
has to be asked first in any disagreement)
How do Miller and Sussman differ on the relative moral wrongness of torture and killing (that is, is torture worse than killing, or is killing worse than torture?)?
Why does this issue make an important difference for each account?
What moral theory or theories does each make use of in order to make their case? For each writer describe one general problem with each of those moral
theories and describe how that problem affects their account of torture.
Which account is the better account? (more importantly) Why? (Hint: consider what makes one moral theory better or worse than another. Bonus Hint: Style
or clarity has nothing to do with it. The moral status of torture does not depend on how well described an argument for it is or isn’t. If all you can say is that
one theory “was explained better” or was “presented more clearly” or “had some examples with it”, then you aren’t focusing on what’s important.)’



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