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Develop an Audit Report. This will be your Key Assignment for the course, and each week you will focus on a core element to produce the final report. The final report must include strategies for implementation. These strategies will be mapped into the final audit report. The Audit Report will be for an enterprise with which you are familiar or a fictitious enterprise. The enterprise that you choose must be able to handle both near-term and future requirements in a distributed, virtual- or cloud-based environment.

Choose the enterprise with which you will be working.
Describe the enterprise. Include the following:
Company purpose
Goals, objectives, mission statement
Hardware, software
Description of the IT Infrastructure (e.g., cloud-based, distributed)
Produce a proposal for the audit report
For this proposal, conduct research on IT audits, and find the elements and IT standards that will be part of your audit report
Produce an outline that shows what will be included on your audit report
Your proposed outline should be compatible with IT standards
Note: The most important key elements are the following:
Data center security preferably biometrics and gated and guarded
Daily routine backup
Data cleansing


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