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You must listen to a podcast and then follow the prompt and write a 2-3 page reflection. In 3-4 pages, respond to the following prompts on leadership :
Briefly summarize your understanding of the topic/podcast in no more than 1-2 relatively short paragraphs. Introduce the relevant stakeholders and sources
of conflict. Remember, you may be focusing on just part of the case/podcast and that’s fine but make sure you position it for me. Also, I need to be able to
tell you listened to the entire podcast. The easiest way to do this is by briefly summarizing how it ends BUT then noting that you want to go back and focus
on one specific instance and then describe that in more detail.
Select 2 approaches to leadership or leadership concepts from course readings (e.g., collective leadership, servant leadership, authentic leadership,
transformative leadership, trust, emotional intelligence, etc.) and explain how those concepts are seen (or not) in the case study. How is leadership displayed,
and in what ways? Directly connect the case study and your 2 approaches to leadership.
Using your understanding of leadership, what would you recommend moving forward? Ensure you identify a desired outcome and pull on at least 2
approaches to leadership (one of which may be the same as the ones mentioned above) as you justify your recommended actions. One approach to
leadership or a leadership concept must be different. Make sure at least one of your references is from our most recent unit.
Over the course of the paper, you must draw from at least FOUR readings from class to inform your critical reflection (cite accordingly, 3 must be from this
unit). You may support your summary of the topic and leadership arguments with other online sources as well.…
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