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Subject Area: Effective Teams, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Leadership, Short-term Task Completion vs Long-term Team Effectiveness
• You have worked within your team on the simulation
• Write a five page paper, using the APA format standards, including a cover page, three pages of content, and a references page
• For the content answer the following questions based on the simulation:

o What were the main challenges you and your team had in climbing the mountain?
o How did your team handle the fact that each team member had some information not available to other team members?
o Did your team exhibit high levels of psychological safety? Why or why not?
o What observations about team process do you have?
o In what ways did your team function effectively? What were some key opportunities for improvement?
o Would this simulation have had different results if your team was in-person rather than virtually?
o What did you discover about yourself from participating in the team discussion?

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