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practice/work with the following linear quantities in the vertical direction (with respect to time):


Copy and paste the following into a document to fill out with requested answers, then submit.

Go to the Projectile Motion Simulation ***(link attached at bottom)
Click: “Lab”
Choose 1 “initial speed,” ___m/s Choose 1 launch angle, __ degrees
Choose 1 mass value, __ kg
Make sure “Diameter” is set to .50 m
Make sure “Gravity” is set to 9.81 m/s2
Make sure the “Air Resistance” box is NOT CHECKED
Choose 3 different starting heights: _____m, _____m and ______m (Use the same launch angle for each of these heights)
Launch the object and place the blue scope over the object once it’s landed on the ground. Click and drag the crosshair so that it’s over the projectile that is now lying on the ground. You may need to move it around a little bit to get the fields to fill correctly, but the range and height should read “zero” and the time should fill with a value representative of the amount of time the projectile was in the air.
Record the total time of flight and range (horizontal landing position) for each of these angles
Now, use the kinematic equations to calculate the total time the object is predicted to be in the air (time of flight; be sure to show your work).
Record the seconds as portrayed in the simulation that the projectile was in the air:
Compare your theoretical and predicted values and explain any discrepancies. Why are they different? How might you try to calculate this problem differently to control for factors in the simulation that might confuse your findings or cause what you calculate to be different from what “actually happens”?
Repeat question 1 from above, showing your work each time, for 2 different launch velocities.


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