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  1. Pick one situation (intervention or experience) that is discussed in the “Listening to Mothers Survey” that is something you feel favorable about, a situation you would choose for yourself or your clients. Explain how you, as a doula, could help in this situation.
  2. Pick three situations you would not choose for yourself or your clients. Something you do not feel favorable about. Discuss how you, as a doula, could help support your clients if they CHOOSE this situation. Assume that your client has been fully informed and is still wanting to make this choice. Focus on how you can support their decision, even though it is something you would not prefer for them.
  3. For each situation provide information on:
    o Education you may provide (remember, your client already been fully informed about the situation itself and made their decision, do not try to change their mind.)
    o What you may need to discuss with the care provider to accomplish your client’s goal
    o Labor or prenatal support you offer. The support should not include making medical decisions or recommending a medical choice. The support can include helping with communication or choosing a particular doctor or birth setting, but it should not include advising your clients that their doctor is wrong.

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