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Choose a company that will be your client organization. You are taking the role of a consultant specializing in
MIS and your task is to provide recommendations for how your client organization can improve their MIS.
You can focus on one particular aspect, one department in the organization or the organization as a whole.
Write a 2500–3500-word report, whereby you should cover the following aspects:

  • Organizational overview
  • Analysis of the Pre-Covid State of MIS using 4 models of your choice from the following: 3 dimensions of
    IS/ 3 activities of IS/Porter’s 5 forces/security issues/ Cloud Computing/Information ethics/areas for
    maintaining MIS/Database Management Systems
  • Provide Recommendations for the Company to Address the Covid-Fuelled Digital Transformation
  • Select 3 Emerging Technologies and explain how those technologies could be utilized in order to expand
    business operations of the organization further.

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