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Below is a list of notable management theories. Each theory has been assigned to you and your peers by the first letter of the last name. If there are not enough students to cover each formation stage, your instructor may assign one to you.

First Letter of Last Names – Theory
A to E – Scientific Management

For your assigned theory,

Summarize the theory in three to four well-constructed sentences in your own words.
Articulate the impact on management.
Identify any industry or event connected with the theory.
Describe any “catch phrase” or “claim to fame” associated with the theory.
Summarize a scholarly article, from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library, with the management theory utilized.
For help with identifying scholarly articles, review the resources Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) and Quick and Easy Library Research (Links to an external site.) from the library.

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