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  1. Explain the general purpose of the metric. In your own words (using the information from textbook and lecture) what is the point of this metric?
  2. Explain the general formula & calculation. Using the formula presented in lecture & book explain how it works (i.e., how it is constructed, what input data you need)?
  3. Showcase an application of the metric in a Business Case using ONE company of your choice. Illustrate the purpose, calculations and interpretations for a company of your choice. You must use real numbers for your calculations which you obtain from external sources. For example, industry reports you can use University databases, such as MarketLine/Datamonitor, Passport GMID/Euromonitor, IBIS, Mintel, the business press, annual reports. Avoid re-using the examples discussed in the class and textbook.
  4. Discuss special considerations & potential problems with the metric in your Business Case. Discuss the potential problems and considerations regarding the metric’s use by the company of your choice. Link the findings from your business case with the information you have from lectures and the textbook to flag specific extra consideration and potential problems or shortcomings of the metric.
  5. Engage with your class students and the presenters: You are expected to engage with your audience during/after your presentations through Q&A and/or Discussion session. You will also need to demonstrate engagement with the fellow presenters with follow up questions, feedback, queries, value added discussion etc. based on their respective presentations.

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