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Below find some of the questions and topics you might address in your paper.

1. What is a ‘biome”?
2. Which body biome did you choose? (gut, skin, vagina, upper respiratory, naval, or other)
3. Why is this biome important?
4. What are the signs of a healthy biome? An unhealthy biome?
5. Name and discuss some of the specific microbes that make up a healthy biome. Are there any microbes that point to an unhealthy biome?
6. How does our diet, lifestyle, environment, and age contribute to our biome?
7. How does the biome communicate with other parts/systems/organs of our body?
8. Can our biome protect us from inflammation, autoimmune disorders, allergies as well as infections?
9. Does our biome have an effect on others around us or on a fetus? How?
10. Is the biome sensitive to medications? (especially antibiotics)
11. How can we maximize the health and quality of our biome?
You are to develop a research paper that is 6-8 pages long. At least 5 references are required. This paper is due the week before final exams. You will be expected to present the most relevant facts in your paper to the class on presentation day.

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