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Money to reduce crime in your community

  If you were given a large sum of money to reduce crime in your community, how would you spend it? Specifically, which program or policy would you spend the money on to have the greatest impact on crime? To answer this question, address both of the following: A)...

Policing, gun control, providing opportunity

    Part 1: What statistic or statistics that you reviewed in Module 4 was most interesting, thought-provoking, and/or surprising to you? Why? Part 2: Given what you learned in Module 4, what strategy or strategies (e.g., more policing, gun control, providing...

The concept of risk modeling

  write a research paper discussing the concept of risk modeling. Please also evaluate the importance of risk models. Lastly, construct an approach to modeling various risks and evaluate how an organization may make decisions about techniques to model, measure, and...
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