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After completing Leadership clinical, respond to questions 1-10 below. The answers to these questions need provide enough detail to fully reflect the thinking of a student preparing for the role of a registered nurse. For ease and clarity, cut and paste the topics and answer them appropriately. This will decrease the chance that any topics are inadvertently omitted. Make sure your answers demonstrate application to the clinical site and experience of your preceptorship. Each question is worth 5 points. Typed, double space, 12-point font.

1. Identify specific situations (more than one) encountered during this clinical experience where nursing care made a difference in a client’s outcome. Be specific without using any identifying information.

2. Identify specific examples of how nursing prioritization impacted care, either positively or negatively and identify how care could have been different had the nurse/student prioritized differently.

3. Describe any non-care delivery situations that, in your opinion, could have been handled differently. Do not address a patient care issue. Think in terms of interpersonal interactions, management issues, or institutional issues.

4. Make suggestions that could change the outcome, either in client care or in floor management, which reflect the observations in 2-4 from the criteria above.

5. Identify the system used for report. How effective is the report as given? Do you receive sufficient data to plan nursing care? What organizational methods will you use to be sure you administer an effective report?

6. Observe and ask questions about how staff assignments are made on the unit. Are assignments made based on geography, acuity, staff skill sets? How effective is this system?

7. Identify the usual staffing mix of the unit. How many RNs, LPNs, Nursing Assistants, etc? In your opinion, describe the effectiveness of this method of staffing. What changes would you like to suggest to the Nurse Manager regarding staffing? What is the rationale for the changes?

8. Identify other members of the health care delivery team and actively collaborate with them to achieve coordinated care. What activities contribute to team cohesiveness and what activities are detrimental to team cohesiveness? Evaluate the effectiveness of the inter- professional collaboration on this unit. Evaluate the effectiveness of your collaborative activities and identify what you might do differently to be more effective in collaboration.

9. Identify problems on the unit. Are there any themes related to the problems, e.g personnel involved, recurring situations, etc? What suggestions do you have that might improve the problematic situation?

10. List the four personal goals you had for this experience and describe how you met each one of them in this clinical rotation.

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