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As a middle manager, you have already recommended an innovation option (incremental or discontinuous) to the organization from the course scenario.
However, one of the organization’s key luxury-market competitors in passenger vehicles recently launched a prototype of a fully autonomous luxury sedan. It
has announced that it plans to bring the model to market within the next two years. The organization wants to prepare for the challenge.
You have been tasked with creating a report recommending the most suitable process for managing innovation in a changing external environment (for
example, a key competitor coming up with a new product). You will also recommend how cross-functional teams can work effectively within the process.
Lastly, you will address the concerns of the key stakeholders about introducing innovation management processes in a changing environment.
Based on this scenario, create a process recommendation report. Remember to tailor the information for the target audience, your stakeholders. Your report
should include the following points:
Identify the most suitable process for managing innovation in a changing external environment. You must consider the following processes and briefly
describe all four processes before you offer your recommendation:
Explain your rationale for your recommendation.
Describe the advantage of your chosen process over others.
Explain how it can address the changing external environment.
Explain recommendations for ensuring cross-functional team effectiveness in the chosen process.
How would you measure team success at each stage of a project?
How would you review and implement changes coming out of success measurements?
How do you know when you are done with the project?
Describe your plan for addressing the concerns of your key stakeholders. Select two of the following departments whose directors will be your audience:
research and development (R&D), finance, human resources (HR), or marketing.
Identify key stakeholders who will use the report in your organization.
List at least two concerns they may have about processes for managing innovation.
Explain your response to their concerns

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