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In this modern world, humans have developed technologies through which we can conduct financial transactions with a click of their hands. Online banking has become an integral part of our life but in order to withdraw cash we still have to visit an ATM machine. Though these machines are reinforced and one can only withdraw money from them using a card and a unique pin only yet thieves have found loopholes and can copy cardholders information and later utilize them for their own good.

SecureIT is a finger print based ATM system which will allow users to withdraw funds from the machines using their card and for authentication they will have to provide their finger print impression in order to withdraw funds. This is a moresecure method as each finger print is unique may it be siblings, parents or even twins. Finger print have already proved to be a success in case of mobile phones, criminal investigations, health department and many more.

question: Identify project phases and elements design testing method to monitor the overall quality of project and making it

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