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Imagine that you are the safety representative for a large building construction site. The project is 40% complete, which means there are still excavations, steel erection, and other site activities going on. At the same time, there is concrete and masonry work; electrical work; plumbing work; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) activities happening because the construction team has already completed two stories of the building itself. Ladders, scaffolds, excavation hazards, and falling-from-heights hazards, among other hazards, are scattered around the site.
Choose one topic (e.g., excavations, ladders, steel erection, scaffolds, small tools) to address in the weekly “toolbox talk” (an informal discussion that focuses on a safety issue). The topic should have a focus on hazards faced by a culturally diverse workforce. Create a PowerPoint presentation to present during this talk.
Remember, there are multiple trades, cultures, and languages on the project, and it is important that everyone understands the topic being discussed. Make sure that you apply techniques to train and communicate with a multigenerational, diverse workforce.
Be sure that your presentation includes the elements listed below.
Identify the hazard and how it affects workers with language and cultural diversities.
Identify processes that can help with the identification of this hazard.
Describe methods and processes to control hazards faced by the workers.

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