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The final paper is designed to demonstrate your decision-making process by using a real-world business example. You will choose from three options to develop a new business, for which you will collect market data and outline your ideas and proposed decisions.
You are required to write a graduate-level paper that addresses one of the scenarios listed below with a focus on issues relevant to course concepts. The scenario event serves as a springboard to demonstrate an understanding of concepts and information covered in the course and to allow you to apply learning, draw reasoned conclusions, and make recommendations on best practices.
• Outline the basic business model that you expect to be used to generate revenues across products or services.
• Select appropriate performance measurement approaches by outlining four performance metrics and how data will be collected and used.
• Outline and analyze two cost-benefit decisions that will have to be considered.
• Analyze two possible approaches for attempting to achieve competitive advantage.
• Provide an assessment of immediate competition in the market you selected.
• Assess two potential risks to profitability and a mitigation plan for each.

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