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write an individual report including the following:
A. For the Smith’s Dock site at North Shields in Newcastle, the project aims to develop a sustainable
housing scheme with consideration for inclusive living
B. Analyse the project and propose an appropriate Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and
offsite construction methodology for the project. Your proposed method needs to be justified by
providing the advantages of the method for the project.
C. Identify 3 major challenges in the planning, design and construction phases of your project that
can be addressed by Building Information Modeling (BIM). The challenges must be specific to
Smith’s Dock site and the project option, and the MMC method that you selected.
D. Describe the potential consequences of not properly addressing the three challenges to the
project time, cost, quality, safety, sustainability, and/or productivity (you need to clearly explain how
each challenge could negatively impact one or more of these items).

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