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Start your own social movement! Use what you have learned this semester to build an outline and some supporting materials for a successful movement.
You may approach this in a creative way. You can make a presentation. Your project should address, with some detail, all of the following:
1st slide: Identify a social issue, including real world conditions that might cause your movement to arise. Apply some theory here! You should provide some sources to give context to give context to your chosen issue. Write for a naïve audience (who does not know about this issue).
1st slide: Identify the type of social movement. Is it a reform, revolutionary, redemptive, or alternative movement? Explain the scope of the proposed change as well as the audience (who is changing).
2nd slide: Explain the level of social change/effect you will seek in your movement (local, state, national, global). Be specific.
2nd slide: Explain recruitment for your movement. How will people find your movement (or how will you find them)? How will they become involved? Will their involvement be formal in nature, more individualistic, or involve smaller group endeavors? Will folks sign up or commit in some official capacity? What will their participation look like?
3d slide: Identify an approach and avenues of effort your movement will pursue. Will you take political or legal routes? Protest? Unionizing? Another form of activism? Explain how resources will be acquired and mobilized. Lastly, explain the specific tactics you would encourage your movement to utilize. Why do you suggest these methods? You may reference another social movement if it is helpful to do so.
4th slide: Establish a message, goal, and/or mission statement. Give your movement a name! Create some official language for your movement that will let others know who you are.
4th slide: Create a logo, color scheme, symbol, or slogan that will come to represent your movement. How will this be used and what is its meaning?
5th slide: Create a resource or tool for your movement. This could be a social media campaign, a brochure, a “how to get involved” guide to inform or recruit a protest strategy guide, or something else altogether.

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