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Select TWO of the following questions to answer in 2 pages, type written, double-spaced. (4-page minimum, please do not go over 6 pages).

  1. Please explain the most important points in your Fitzgerald text, Ch 11: Race in the Cultural Imagination. How does Tactic Racism, Chapter 3, Clashing Conceptions of Honesty: Black American “Honesty” in the White Workplace, help explain what they are talking about.
  2. Fitzgerald deals with Crime and the Criminal Justice System in Chapter 10. Please list 3 main points that he makes in this chapter. Then explain how these 3 points help you understand the criminal justice system better based on the evidence he presents in this chapter.
  3. Please explain how Economic Inequality and the Role of the State, chapter 8, impacts people lives. Please use Fitzgerald’s chapter on education, chapter 7, as an example of how people can be negatively impacted because of economic limitations.
  4. Please select one chapter in Tactic Racism and explain the main points made in that chapter. You can select from chapters 4-7.

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