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Within Cycle 1 Assessment of Investigate, plan, act, reflect, you will collect and analyze multiple sources of longitudinal quantitative & qualitative data. This includes an equity gap base on data collected. Please use the following attachments:
1. For Cycle 1 template A, B, C, D use some or all and/or re-write Some or all TPA High School FBP: In there you will find the equity gap ( feel free to re-write),Problem of practice (Please re-write), English Learners is the subgroup to use,Vision and mission,data, information, problem statement may need to be rewrite
2. Write in responses in the templates Step 1: Part A Investigate, Step 2: Part B Plan, Step 3: Part C Act, Step 4: Part D Reflect
3. STICK TO Highlighted Table and Rubric attachment specifically level #3 for each step. 4. Cycle 1 Power point for reference use only 5. SAMPLE Part A,B, C, D for reference use only
6. WASC TPA self study report use for reference, for DATA, for information, use and re-write information as needed.



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