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Watch this short interview with ballet dancer Misty Copeland: https://www.makers.com/videos/554b3fc3e4b0e0bd77690ecb
In your discussion post, address the significant “visual” aspect of this performing art form. Consider one or more of the following themes relevant to the video:

· What pressures do professional dancers face to reach the visual expectations of their audiences in live performance? In additional to physical form and movement, what cultural codes of gender and race impact their study, preparation, and performance?

· Classical ballet faces stereotypes of “highbrow,” “Euro-centric,” and “old fashioned” that have deterred potential audiences in recent decades. What opportunities (and challenges) does Misty’s race and collaboration with pop artist Prince bring to the traditional art form?

· What impact do reality TV shows like Dancing With the Stars have on the role and reputation of dance as a performance art in today’s world?

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