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Read Acts 11:22-30; then 12:25 -14:28. Also read Bruce, pages 126-147, and 160-172. Consult a map of Paul’s First Missionary Journey and memorize the key cities in order.
Then answer the following questions (four pages).
1. What is significant about the city of Antioch in Syria?
2. Describe the leadership of the church that emerged in Antioch, and explain how Barnabas and Paul came to be missionaries?
3. Who was John Mark? Tell everything you can discover about him.
4. Summarize their encounter with bar-Jesus on Cyprus.
5. Summarize Paul’s sermon in the synagogue of Pisidian Antioch.
6. Explain what happened in Lystra. Who opposed Paul, and how did it end?
7. When arriving in a new city, Paul typically began by visiting the local Jewish synagogue and preaching there. Explain why he would do that.



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