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In recent years, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enabled telephony networks have introduced a number of radical innovations in that way that people use telephony in general, including allowing people to take business-related calls seamlessly, even when they are not physically “at the office”. Research the elements that comprise SIP and VoIP. Put yourself into the position of a system administrator considering updating your business’s landline telephony system. What elements of the technology would you assign the greatest value? Would you even consider using a VoIP telephony solution rather than a traditional landline? Why or why not? If you have “real world” experience with VoIP, please include a brief overview of that experience. If you do not have personal experience of the technology, include an overview of a case study of VoIP.

Based on your research, write a 3–5 page paper that researches the concept of internet telephony, as well as providing an analysis and comparison of several telephony technologies currently available.

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