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It can be difficult when clients are forced into treatment by the justice system. Even though we know treatment works best when clients are motivated to change and actively engaged, the justice system nonetheless continues to require clients to engage in treatment. Imagine you are a resistant client mandated into treatment while incarcerated.

Write a letter to your counselor explaining why you are resistant to treatment. Include the following:

Tell the counselor why you are resistant to treatment. (This should be a realistic reason why clients don’t want to participate in treatment.)
Describe to the counselor how you resist treatment. (What do you say or do? Or perhaps what do you not say, or not do? What might your resistance look like to the counselor? Or will they not know?)
Explain to the counselor what they can say or do, to help you become less resistant to treatment.
Remind the counselor what is not helpful when trying to make you less resistant to treatment.
Describe the best way the counselor can you help right now. (your educated opinion here is acceptable)

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