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This presentation will highlight your understanding of public key infrastructure (PKI). Imagine that you were asked to present to a group of new hires at your organization about how PKI works. Create a seven-slide PowerPoint presentation, and explain how PKI works.Slide requirements are listed below.

Slide 1: Title slide
Slide 2: PKI introduction slide (short paragraph)
Slides 3-4: How messages are sent using PKI (use graphics and text)
Slides 5-6: How messages are received using PKI (use graphics and text)
Slide 7: Reference slide (list at least two references)
Utilize graphics in your PowerPoint slides by using the “Insert” tab and clicking on “Online Pictures.” Use the slide notes function to provide a full description of the slides, explaining PKI as if the individuals you are briefing do not know anything about PKI. All sources should be cited in-text and included on the reference slide.

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