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Combined written and oral assessment: An oral assessment which consists of a verbal demonstration of learning based on specific research results identified on a topic area. The oral assessment is prepared outside of class hours and is part of independent learning and it uses appropriate concepts and theories from the course. The written assessment includes details of the above noted research. A question-and-answer session maybe included at the end of the presentation.

You must therefore write an essay, with a word limit of 1,750 words you must create a Powerpoint presentation that you will use in an oral presentation which you will give in class

The presentation should summarise the content of your essay. You should be prepared to answer questions on your presentation after you have completed your presentation.

  1. Please report on existing approaches to securing knowledge safety and in particular cybersecurity within the organization.
    Guidelines: Your answer should identify and explain the different technology systems (IT) and other systems / approaches which are used by your case organization to achieve knowledge security goals.
  2. Report on appropriate changes that should be made to improve both knowledge safety, cybersecurity and the protection of intellectual property rights held within the organization.
    Guidelines: Your answer should suggest possible changes that can be done to improve procedures within your selected organisation. You may think about better ways to achieve objectives than are currently being employed within the organization.
    • Word count: 1,750 words; Cover page, Table of Contents, Bibliography and Annexes are excluded of the total wordcount.
    • Font: Arial 12,5 pts. and the work should be justified
    • The in-text references and the bibliography have to be in the Harvard citation style. This includes also for graphic images, tables and photos taken from other sources.
    Thank you.
    Learning outcomes assessed: This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes
    • Understand the ethical importance and responsibility for an organization when holding information on consumer behaviour
    • Evaluate the importance of data analysis in the transformation process of data to knowledge
    • Evaluate the strategic approach to protecting the innovation produced by the knowledge management cycle

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