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Fluid & electrolyte imbalance

describe the common signs and symptoms (patient presentation) of the following problems and list their specific nursing management (intervention) and drug therapy.-Nephrotic syndrome -Glomerulonephritis -Polycystic Kidney Disease -Urinary Tract Infections -Hashimoto...

Nursing Intervention

  1. Plan evidence-based interventions to assist the client in meeting optimum outcomes. 2. The actions planned are designed to meet the health care needs of the client Course Competencies • Apply knowledge of integumentary disorders for safe, effective nursing care •...

Fragile X syndrome

-What is Fragile X syndrome a. what is its cause? -What is neurofibromatosis?- Describe and diseases it may cause. a. autosomal dominant disease trait/X-linked recessive trait/ -What are (Two paragraphs): a. Dominant b. Recessive c. Sex-linked d. Hemizygous genes...
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