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Relation to the United States Legal System

  https://www.verywellfamily.com/children-of-divorce-in-america-statistics-1270390 Analyze the listed ideas and discuss their relation to the United States Legal System. Reflect on how this subject matter may relate to your life and the life of others as well as...

Personality assessment

        What future changes do you foresee in personality assessment instruments and procedures? What changes to do you foresee in the functions and/or applications of personality assessment?  

Being a field slave or house slave

            What you rather be a field slave or house slave?” Debate this issue using the content from the text book. Is there even a “better” scenario? Be sure to address positives and negatives from either role in the slave system. For instance,...

Learning styles

            Some have considered learning styles to be a factor influencing the L2 learning process, while others consider learning styles to be a neuromyth, pointing to a lack of evidence that students learn better through a self-identified learning style. Research...

Evaluating A Longitudinal Developmental Study

        Dr. Judy Brewster, long interested in the effects of exposure to maladaptive environments on development, designed a study to examine resilience. Jewish youth were assessed at six-month intervals for a period of four years. Psychological tests were being...
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